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Screen Record Utility Help

1. Introduction

Screen Record Utility is a very professional screen recording tool. It can record high video and audio, and design your logo, and add your logo. With this software you can capture games screen, online videos, PPT, application tutorial, iPhone simulator, your image's slideshow etc. It is very convenient because it may sit in the menu bar.

Main Features:

⁃Capture your videos at full screen or any size.

⁃Record the audio with system build-in microphone, computer sound card or audio input device.

⁃Set video quality by your request.

⁃Start/Stop recording.

⁃Pause/Resume recording.

⁃Add image and text logo.

⁃Design your signature logo.

⁃Set recording time.

⁃Choose the saved path of recording video.

⁃Prevent display sleep when recording.

⁃Making video at a very fast speed.

⁃Record screen no time limit.

⁃Sit in the menu bar.


⁃Set snapshot image file format.

Here are a few situations you can use it:

⁃You can use it to create demonstration videos for your software products.

⁃You can create video tutorials for school or college class.

⁃You can use it to record a reproduced problem with your computer so you can show it to technical support people.

⁃You can use it to record some new tricks and techniques you discover on your software product.

Screen Record Utility is a very useful video recording tool. With it you can record fullscreen or record selected region to video. It may record the screen as high quality videos, and you may set video quality and choose audio device.

To enjoy all features please download it.

Note: If you have some problems, please tell me (send an email to I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.

2. Main UI

Run, your menu bar will appear its icon, click the icon, its menu will be shown as the following:

You may select "Start Record" to start a recording, select "Stop Record" to stop a recording, select "Pause" to pause a recording, select "Resume" to resume a recording, and select "Settings" to set a recording settings.

3. Functions introduction

Settings dialog UI as the following:

3.1 Video settings

You may set the settings about video in "Video" tag. You may set "Full Screen" or you may set "Custom area" then select the screen area you want to record, you may click "Select a area" button to change the selection area. You may set the video quality from "Quality preset" popup button, default value is High. You may set the video max frame rate from "Max frame rate" popup list, the frame rate value is more big the video is more smooth but the video size is more big. You can capture the mouse clicking position on screen if you mark "Capture the mouse click position" check box.

3.2 Audio settings

You may set the audio device from device driver  popup button.

Notice: The sound may be mute if you select a invalid sound driver. If your recording audio have problem, you need open "sound" tag in System Preferences, check the selected device in Output tag and Input tag and change them to the default device. the Output default device is "Internal Speakers" and the Input default device is "Internal microphone".

3.3 Logo design settings

You may select "Add image" and choose your logo image as logo, you may also select "Add text" and input your signature as logo. You may click the "Set Font Effect" to design your signature. The text effect dialog display as the following:

You may design the text you input. You may select font size, color and name. You may also set the text outline color, shape, shadow and blend color. You can design the very beautiful font effect.

Click  the button, show standard font settings panel as the following, you may select font size and font name, click  button, you may set font color.

3.4 General settings

You can set up a recording time length, and stop automatically when the time is up.

You can set whether or not to open the recorded movie when recording finish.

You can set whether or not to start Screen Record Utility when the computer system starts.

You can choose a path to save the recording movies and snapshot pictures. The default path will be Movies folder.

3.5 Snapshot settings

You may select the snapshot file type in the below list, then click the "Snapshot" button, the snapshot image will be saved in your saved folder and opened with Preview application.