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Photo to GIF Help

Photos to GIF Help

1. Introduction

Photos to GIF is a very useful tool you convert photos to GIF file. You can do crop, add

beautiful caption, adjust color and set you need frame count and delay time. It supports all

kinds of photo. Let you create a funny GIF file from photos very easily.


Convert your photos to small GIF files.

Resize the photos for your GIF

Crop the photos for your GIF

Add beautiful captions to your GIF

Create GIF files with set the frame count and frame delay.

Change the looping direction

Change the number of loops for your GIF

Adjust photo color for your GIF

Save your settings for later edits.

Support all kinds of photos.


If you have some problems, please tell me (send an email to I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.

2. Main UI

Menu Bar as the following:

You may import photos, set gif properties, export photos to gif file and play gif file.

You may use "Delete" menu item to delete the selected photos.

You may use "Select All" menu item to select all photos.

3. Functions introduction

Main UI as the following:

Drag the selected photos in thumbnail view to the pallet, drag the photo cell in pallet to change the order, then you may click "Export GIF" button to create GIF file. Only the photos in pallet can be made to GIF file.

3.1 Import photos

You click the button in order to import some photos. The open dialog will show when you click the button, you can choose some photos or the folder of photos you want to create gif file. You may also drag the photos or the photos folder to the thumbnail view.

3.2 Crop photos

The button will be enabled when you drag the selected photos to the pallet. Then you click the button in order to crop the photos. The below UI will appear when you click the button, you can resize or move the crop area. You can click the "Crop" button when you are sure you want to crop the area.

3.3 Add Text

Click the button in order to add some text on the photo. The below dialog will appear when you click the button, you may design the text you input. Click the button to set font size, color and name. You may also set the text outline color, shape, shadow and blend color. You can set the very beautiful font effect.

Click Pasted Graphic 2.tiffthe button, show standard font settings panel as the following:

Click "OK" button in text settings dialog, the following UI will appear, you can drag it for adjusting the text size and position.

3.4 Adjust Color

Click the button in order to adjust photo color or set photo effect. The below dialog will appear, you may adjust photo color through dragging the slider in "Adjust Color" tag or select one effect in "Effect" tag.

3.5 Properties

Click the button in order to set the properties about GIF file. The below dialog will be displayed. "Frame Count" will be set default to the image count, "Frame Delay" will control the time between one image and next image. The "Frame Delay" input value is in milliseconds. "Loop Mode" have Normal and Reserve, it will control images playing order. "Loop count" will control gif file playing loops number.  You can select Gif image size through size popup button or you can reduce image by setting the scale ratio. You can increase or decrease speed of a file by adjusting the frame delay value. "Improve GIF quality with dithering" check box is checked, the GIF image quality will be good, but the GIF file size will be a little bit bigger.


3.6 Export GIF

Click the buttons in order to export the GIF file. The success dialog will display if the GIF file is saved successfully. Click the "Preview" button, then the GIF file will be played.