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GIF Maker Tool
GIF Maker Tool
Code: A005
Price: $3.99

GIF Maker Tool is a very useful tool you convert video to GIF file. You can do crop, add beautiful caption, adjust color and set you need frame count and delay. It supports all movies that QuickTime can open and play. Let you create a funny GIF just three steps from video very easily.


*Convert your video clips to small GIF files.

*Resize the video for your GIF

*Crop the video for your GIF

*Add beautiful captions to your GIF

*Create GIF files with set the frame count and frame delay.

*Change the looping direction

*Change the number of loops for your GIF

*Adjust video color for your GIF

*Save your settings for later edits.

*Supports all movies that QuickTime can open and play.


  If you are using QuickTime components, you must make sure they are up-to-date and compatible with Apple's Sandbox.

 If you have some problems, please tell me (send an email to I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.